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Translate Confusing GDS Data with Decoder Suite

February 10, 2022 Navitas Product, GDS

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Let’s face it, GDS data is impenetrable. And that’s a problem if you’re a consultant that needs to send data to a client quickly. Decoder Suite gives you the information you need when you need it, in a format you can read.


4 Benefits of Decoder Suite


No Data Nonsense, Just Clear Language

Decoder Suite allows you to say goodbye to confusing and hard-to-read GDS data interfaces. It translates everything into your preferred format, whether Plain Text or HTML, at the click of a mouse. This allows you to pass information to clients with ease for future analysis efforts.

Brand Building

Decoder Suite provides customisable layouts based on Office ID, Account Number or Customer Profile. It’s easy to add your company logo and corporate colours, remove or rearrange information, and automatically append T&Cs, email signatures, and much more. All your clients see is your brand doing a great job at giving them the information they need for their trip.

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Consistent, High-Quality Data

Once you’ve established your preferred layout, Decoder Suite formats GDS data the same way every time. This feature gives you and your clients complete peace of mind that GDS data is presented clearly and consistently.

Simple & Timesaving

We understand the frustration of manually rewriting GDS data into every single email. That’s why Decoder Suite saves you time and effort by copying that data instantly, so you can simply paste it in. Your agents will win back hours of their day with this simple change, allowing them to focus on something more important than data entry.

How Decoder Suite Translates GDS Data

Decoder Suite is a package of six individual decoders:

  • Itinerary
  • Availability
  • Timetable
  • Shopping
  • History
  • Last Response

Each decoder tool captures information from an active window in the GDS. Then, it decodes the text and creates an accurate and user-friendly document.

Itinerary Decoder

The Itinerary Decoder captures a copy of the current PNR/Booking file. The system extracts flight, hotel, and car information along with passenger, remark, and fare details at the click of a button. After all, it’s much easier to read “London Heathrow to Miami” than try to figure out what “LHRMIA” means.

Availability Decoder

Availability Decoder reads the last availability request performed by the user and decodes each line. It formats the data into an easy-to-read layout with all the pertinent information decoded. This makes it easy for agents to assess a request and take advantage of available seats faster, so they don’t miss out.

Timetable Decoder

Timetable Decoder takes complex tables of flight and destination information and turns them into something readable and user-friendly. It copies, decodes, and splits data into city pairs for your convenience.

Shopping Decoder

Shopping Decoder extracts responses from an FS (Galileo), FXD (Amadeus) or WPNI (Sabre) request. The tool automatically captures all pricing options and recommendations so your agents can provide quick and easy quotes and faring information to clients. The Shopping Decoder also returns airline prices, so your customers have the most accurate information during decision-making.

History Decoder

Our customers love History Decoder so much that we include it for free with every Decoder Suite sale. History Decoder interprets your PNR history and presents it on-demand in a way that’s readable, sortable, and easy to understand. GDS Booking File history never looked this good or accessible.

Last Response

When all else fails, there’s always Last Response. This handy tool captures the last response on screen from your GDS so you can grab key information from the host to paste into the system of your choice.

Together, the Decoder Suite brings efficiency and simplicity to your GDS system. And while they work wonders as a set, they’re available individually if you just need one more solution to round out your travel management tech stack.

Extract & Decode GDS Data with a Single Click

Leading travel management companies use Decoder Suite to save time and focus on the things that really matter. In a world where we’re all jumping from one system to another to get the job done, a simple but powerful way to translate GDS data into a useable format can give you a huge advantage.

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