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Introducing Our Latest Integration: Thrust Carbon

December 14, 2021 Darren Waughman Company, GDS


It’s no secret that travel has a significant impact on the environment. The aviation industry alone is responsible for around 2.4% of the world’s carbon emissions which, together with other gases aircraft produce, contribute to 5% of global warming. And it’s not just tourism that’s the problem. In 2018, professional service company PwC revealed that business travel was responsible for 53% of its carbon emissions.

Sustainability is a growing concern among business travellers, with millennials and Generation Z leading the charge towards a greener industry. They expect their employers to keep track of their emissions and provide eco-friendly travel options to reduce their carbon footprint.

To help TMCs and their customers in this endeavour, we’re delighted to announce a brand-new integration with Thrust Carbon’s CO2 calculator.

How Does Our Thrust Carbon Integration Work?

Thrust Carbon's CO2 calculator API integrates seamlessly with Decoder Suite and Itin to X to calculate carbon emissions for every segment of a customer’s trip at point of sale.

In the past, it was only possible to extract CO2 data from flights. But with our Thrust Carbon integration, you can monitor emissions across cars, hotels, excursions, and more. And, because the data appears in the customer’s booking reference and itinerary, you can see all relevant traveller information in one place.

The CO2 calculator API is compatible with all major global distribution systems, including:

  • Amadeus
  • Galileo
  • Sabre

This ensures the calculations you receive are accurate and consistent across the board.

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What are the Benefits?

Our integration with Thrust Carbon allows you to deliver a clear and consistent picture of CO2 emissions for every customer before they even set foot inside an airport terminal.

With access to accurate point of sale data, customers have time to identify the most cost-effective offsets for high-polluting activities and segments. They can do this separately or directly through Thrust Offset if their TMC has access to it. This enables businesses to reduce their carbon footprint which, in turn, helps them achieve their sustainability or net-zero goals.

Users can also upload thousands of segments from Excel at the click of a button and create custom, white-label reports.

Thrust Carbon

Based in London, Thrust Carbon is an International Air Transport Association and Business Travel News award-winning tech start-up. The company’s mission is to make the travel industry greener through its carbon intelligence platform.

Designed for easy deployment across any organisation, Thrust Carbon is composed of three innovative products:

  1. Thrust Calculator
  2. Thrust Offset
  3. Thrust Engage

The Future of Business Travel is Green

Business travel has been slow to recover from COVID-19. Platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow employees to attend meetings and industry events virtually. And, with COP26 bringing climate change into even sharper focus, some have started to think twice about the necessity of regular business travel.

To make largescale business travel more enticing to today’s environmentally conscious workforce, TMCs must help organisations accurately monitor and offset their carbon emissions. People are still happy to travel abroad for an important meeting or event. But, as a 2018 survey revealed, only if they can do so sustainably.

By using the Thrust Calculator API to enhance our Decoder Suite and Itin to X products, we can help TMCs and their customers find a greener way.

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