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Big News: Navitas Expedia Integrator is now free to use

May 3, 2017 Emma Griffiths Product

Big news: Navitas Expedia Integrator is now free to use.jpegWe're delighted to share the news that our Expedia Integrator GDS add-on is now available for free! 

This nifty tool gives you full access to Expedia Affiliate Network inventory directly through your GDS. With over 200,000 hotels on offer, EAN is a brilliant resource for TMCs of every shape and size. 

Now, thanks to our collaboration with EAN, TMCs can use Expedia Integrator for free, with no software costs, while earning guaranteed flat-rate commissions.

What is Expedia Integrator 

Expedia Integrator is our GDS add-on that gives you access to the EAN inventory of hotels directly through your GDS, allowing you to find your client the perfect accommodation

Boasting a streamlined, recorded reservation process, which cuts the time you need to spend making bookings, Expedia Integrator brings the EAN right into your workflow. 

Search by location, landmark or airport and browse hotels on a handy, interactive maps. View hotel details, facilities and reviews, and access public, packaged and hotel collect rates. All without leaving your GDS. 

EAN bookings through Expedia Integrator also guarantee commission at flat rates, so you'll spend less time chasing hotels. 

How to get Expedia Integrator 

Expedia Integrator is available for free to Galileo, Amadeus and Apollo GDS users (sorry team Sabre!) and can typically be installed and configured within a day. 

To get started, simply head on over to our Expedia Integrator page and request a demo. We'll then set you up with a free trial so that you can take it through its paces before deciding if it's the right solution for you. 

Lean more about Expedia Integrator here and request your free demo and trial today.