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How to Streamline the Booking Process with Travel Management Software

Few industries felt the impact of COVID-19 like travel. Restrictions on domestic and international flights brought business and leisure travel to a screeching halt. With no passengers to look after, Travel Management Companies (TMCs) were forced to cut costs.

The industry has begun to recover in recent months and business travellers are starting to spread their wings. But the combination of staff shortages, limited resources, and more complex travel requirements in the wake of Brexit and COVID-19 have left TMCs struggling to meet this demand. And this has caused a noticeable decline in service levels – particularly in the booking process.

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December 21, 2021 Darren Waughman TMC, GDS, Travel Industry

What Should You Include in Your Business Travel Itinerary Template?

Itineraries can make or break a business trip. A well-prepared business travel itinerary saves time and reduces friction. It helps your customers keep on top of their schedule, stay within budget, and adapt to flight cancellations and other sudden changes.

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November 11, 2021 Navitas TMC

What is a GDS? Introducing this Essential Travel Tech

The travel industry is recovering from a period of crisis. For TMCs, keeping up with evolving traveller expectations has never been more critical. A global distribution system (GDS) is vital for agents trying to manage traveller data, and the technology plays a key role in keeping much of the industry running smoothly while empowering agents to help travellers on their journey.

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August 31, 2021 Navitas TMC, GDS

Introducing NavAgent – Interactive Traveller Insight at the Point of Sale for Personalised Customer Service

We’re excited to launch our newest product, NavAgent. The result of a collaboration between Navitas Solutions and Agentivity, NavAgent is designed to enhance a TMC’s ability to service its clients with advanced, expert analysis of booking patterns and traveller behaviour data, integrated directly into their GDS of choice.

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April 20, 2021 Navitas TMC, Product, GDS

5 Business Travel Complaints That Can Be Solved with a Perfectly Prepared Itinerary

Despite often being perceived as glamourous, business trips aren’t aren’t so much a knees-up on the company dime, as a battle to squeeze an entire work day and international travel into the same period of time. But, could better travel itineraries help cure your clients’ business travel headaches?

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