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5 Tips for Streamlining Complex Business Travel Arrangements

Business travel, like most things, is best when kept simple. Often, the challenge for TMCs is untangling the increasingly complex itineraries that result from modern business travellers having a far greater choice of trip elements than ever before.  

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New Download: How to Get the Most from Your GDS

How well is your GDS working for you? Chances are it's an indispensable aspect of your working day, but that doesn't mean it's without frustration. So, we've put an ebook together to help you get more from one of the most important tools you use. Our new guide helps answer some of the biggest questions surrounding the GDS.

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The Potential of Unmanaged Business Travel

The travel industry has been grappling with the question of how to deal with unmanaged business travel for years now. Some travel managers see a rich seam of potential revenue just waiting to be mined, while others view it more as an existential threat than a blessing. We fall firmly in the first camp, and with business travel set to see healthy growth over the next five years, now is the time to address an often-misunderstood segment of the industry.

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How Will TMCs Continue to Evolve?

The corporate travel management industry has always evolved quickly, so being adaptable is a vital skill for anybody working at a TMC – particularly where technology is concerned. But where is the evolution of travel management taking us?

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February 6, 2018 Darren Waughman TMC, GDS, Travel Industry

3 Challenges of Managing Visa Checking for Business Travel

Travellers having the correct entry documents can be the difference between successful business trips and disasters. It can also be the difference between retaining a client or losing them to a better-prepared competitor. We look at three key challenges travel managers face when managing visa checking and some surprisingly simple ways to overcome them.

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