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Introducing NavAgent – Interactive Traveller Insight at the Point of Sale for Personalised Customer Service

We’re excited to launch our newest product, NavAgent. The result of a collaboration between Navitas Solutions and Agentivity, NavAgent is designed to enhance a TMC’s ability to service its clients with advanced, expert analysis of booking patterns and traveller behaviour data, integrated directly into their GDS of choice.

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April 20, 2021 Navitas TMC, Product, GDS

5 Ways to Set Your TMC Apart from Competitors

According to TMC Finder (yes, there really is a search engine for everything), there are more than 150 travel management companies in the UK alone. However you slice it, that’s a lot of competition for any TMC, but are there simple ways to distinguish your business from the rest of the field?

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5 Business Travel Complaints That Can Be Solved with a Perfectly Prepared Itinerary

Despite often being perceived as glamourous, business trips aren’t aren’t so much a knees-up on the company dime, as a battle to squeeze an entire work day and international travel into the same period of time. But, could better travel itineraries help cure your clients’ business travel headaches?

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5 Tips for Preparing the Perfect Travel Itinerary

We’ve all come across the recipient of a great business travel itinerary on our travels: it’s usually the guy or gal gliding serenely through baggage collection and into a waiting taxi as you stand flustered in arrivals. But what goes into the perfect itinerary? And what can TMCs do to ensure their travellers return from business trips satisfied?

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See Data More Clearly with the Latest PNR Watcher Update

We’re proud to announce the launch of Navitas PNR Watcher V3.0.0.

PNR Watcher has long been one of the travel industry’s go-to tools for PNR management, but rather than resting on our laurels we’ve been exploring new ways to help you be a better travel company.

Read on for more information or upgrade now.

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